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We’re proud manufacturers of hardwood plywood in quality and environmental responsibility. We offer a full range of hardwood in a variety of grades. Our hardwood plywood is environmentally certified and meets the strictest emission requirements.

Totally Board is a wholesale distributor of hardwood plywood and products.Our high quality birch and spruce plywood products have various end uses.

Plywood boards are manufactured wood sheets made from sheets of wood veneer. Plywood sheets are glued together with adjacent sheets having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees relative to adjacent layers.

  • Bison Board

    • Premium quality, interior grade
    • Excellent structural strength
    • Superior screw-holding capability
    • Great machinabilityBisonBord

    BisonBord®’s smooth surface is ideal for priming, painting, printing, veneering and laminating with melamine impregnated paper (MelaWood®), Formica® (Board 13) or paper foils (DecoBord).

    Used extensively in shopfitting, kitchen manufacturing and the domestic and office furniture industries, amongst others, BisonBord® is the core material of choice

  • Formica® LifeSeal®

    Formica® LifeSeal®  Product
    • Ideal for kitchens
    • Easy to clean and hygienic
    • Stain and moisture resistant
    • Free edging strip included
    • LifeSeal strip protects against moistureFormica®

    PG Bison’s locally produced Formica® LifeSeal® worktops are on trend with international styles. Featuring a LifeSeal® strip for protection and enhanced longevity, the tight new 3mm radius is only available from PG Bison.

    Formica® offers one of the most versatile surfacing materials for both horizontal and vertical applications. With its exceptional resistance to wear, scuff, impact, heat, moisture and stains it provides an unbeatable low maintenance, durable and dependable surface, easy to clean and hygienic too.

  • MelaWood®

    • Trend setting range
    • Durable finish
    • Easy to clean and food safe
    • Stain and moisture resistant

    MelaWood® is PG Bison’s leading brand of decorative melamine faced board (MFB).melawood

    MelaWood® is available in four surface finishes, Peen (a textured, stipple), Ashwood (an embossed, woodgrain), Linear (a deep textured, straight wood grain) and Natural Touch (a luxurious matt).

    MelaWood® uses either BisonBord® or SupaWood® as a core, with melamine-impregnated, decor paper bonded to the board’s surfaces under heat and pressure. This gives MelaWood® its durable, moisture resistant surface, making it the ideal choice for kitchens, built-in-cupboards, furniture, offices and shopfitting.

  • MelaWood® SupaGloss

    hardwood plywood
    • Gloss level > 101 GE (20O)
    • Durable, UV hardened gloss surfacepg-bison
    • Standard wood working tools can be used
    • Protective film shields gloss surface during handling and processing
    • Trusted MelaWood® decor on a quality SupaWood® core
    • Consistent quality and colour in a stylish range
    • Available in 2750mm x 1830mm for better yield and less waste
    • Cost effective and value for money
    • Matched edging available locally
    • Manufactured locally to European standards by PG Bison MelaWood® SupaGloss

    PG Bison, the trusted name in decorative panel products, brings you another leading design and colour trend with MelaWood® SupaGlossTM, ideal for kitchens, furniture and shopfitting.

    MelaWood® SupaGlossTM is a durable, UV hardened gloss surface manufactured locally with the latest technology according to international standards.

  • SupaWood®

    • Technically superior
    • From 3mm to 30mm thick
    • Ideal for high gloss pvc wrap
    • Recommended for spray painting
    • Deep routable
    • Class-leading smooth 150 grit sanded finishsupawood

    SupaWood® is PG Bison’s exceptional medium density fibreboard (MDF). It offers excellent structural strength with superior screw-holding capability and machinability.

    This engineered MDF blends the advantages of manufactured board with the natural properties of solid timber, allowing for most traditional wood working techniques.

    A versatile panel, SupaWood®’s homogeneous construction allows for moulding, embossing, deep routing and edge profiling and is perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

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